Going Dutch // Headlines: Rebel Makes News

During my visit to Holland this summer, our friend Dr. Carl Rohde interviewed me for Tijdschrift voor Marketing. Oddly enough, the article is in Dutch, so I won't share it with you here, but Carl was kind enough to send an English translation. Here's a brief excerpt of a couple key rules for the new world of marketing:

- Develop your guts to make mistakes. In America there is a tendency for smart people to feel that they always have to be right. To be successful today you need the opposite attitude. You have to experiment, to fail and learn. Try to be wrong, at least from time to time.

- Don’t ask people to do something they are not already doing. Don’t try to turn MySpace users into film makers. Find ways to plug into what they are already doing. Give them tool to improve that.

- Invest in culture. The best brands have become part of the fabric of their consumer’s cultures. Red Bull, Nike, Apple are worldwide icons for this.

Thanks to Dr. Carl Rohde for the interview!