Science of the Time // Down With Us

Science of the Time is an international network of trend spotters who look for cool things happening around the world. We at Rebel Industries are proud to be charter members and contributors to the work of Dr. Carl Rohde, who organized the network and filters the submissions to identify underlying cultural trends and shifts in global perspective.

The site is updated monthly and the newest installment is up now. Check my piece on the cemetery film screening phenomenon happening in Hollywood at the moment. Yep, a blanket, some wine and cheese, a good flick, and a headstone.

We also checked out the rest of contributors for this month's edition and a favorite is Stitsh: a photo blog covering stylish strangers on the streets, where you can actually buy what they're wearing — contributed by Kees Elands, from the Dutch trend consultancy TrendsActive.

Bookmark the Science of the Times site - we did.