YouTube Fireside Chats // Down With Us

Man, these guys are right on it. President-Elect Obama announced last week that he'll be addressing the world weekly via YouTube and radio broadcasts. That's what I'm talking about!

You might be wondering — Why? He already got elected, what does he need to do that for? How will he have time to do this? — and things of that nature.

Obama's platform was a little thing we like to call change. What he really meant to say was that he's a Rebel. Apparently, he believes in the things we believe in, such as transparency, and conversation. Maybe he understands that if he engages the public in regular, relevant conversations, they will continue to support his brand. See my last post about this: a lot of people felt invested in the outcome of the election for the very first time, and now part of the President's job is to keep them engaged.

This is the right way to do that: go where the people are, do something relevant to them, and be your brand.

You can watch the first address here.