Throwing Stones // Random Thoughts

The BlackBerry post made me think about why brands make these kinds of mistakes. Smart marketing leverages the laws of nature, while poor marketing often violates them. In this case, RIM has violated two: The Importance of Soil and The Ripple Effect The Importance of Soil: If you plant the world’s finest seeds in infertile soil, nothing will grow. To consistently and predictably improve the harvest, you must consistently care for the soil. Your brand is the terroir, the environment in which your product will either thrive or die on the vine.

The Ripple Effect: If you want to make waves, you keep dropping stones in the lake. To make a bigger wave, you drop a bigger stone. If you drop a big enough stone in the lake, the waves will eventually lap up onto the shore. If the lake is our core audience, then the shore represents the greater opportunity to grow beyond. Too many brands jump out of the lake in favor dropping stones all over the shore, which does nothing but create a mess.