Kanye West Listening Party // On the Run

Kanye West When Kanye throws a listening party, he expects you to listen... to him. Last night's invite-only warehouse party on La Brea Ave. did not feature a live performance, but instead the opportunity to listen to his fourth album and listen to him talk.

By my count, Yeezy asked the crowd three times — very nicely — to please not talk while he made his speech. Then he carried on about the tribulations of being in the public spotlight and having his work critiqued. Something about one of the songs on the new album being about his mother, and figuring that a radio station posing the question whether the song is "hot or not?" somehow equates to asking him whether his mom is hot or not. Strange logic.

More interestingly, Kanye was accompanied by a few dozen naked women with wigs on. He offered some sort of explanation about the naked women symbolizing the baring of his soul on the album. The women I spoke to at the event were perplexed by this, and oddly enough, the men didn't care about the reason - nobody really bought the explanation.

Here's a lesson: Never explain why you're surrounded by naked women. Don't ruin the mystery. A stunt like filling a room with flesh has the power to attract, repel, and most of all, to intrigue. It's a conversation starter for sure. When you give away the mystery, you take away its power.