Major League Gaming // Down With Us

Major League Gaming Main Stage

Did you know there are professional gamers? Not poker players, XBox players. If you still think of gaming consoles as toys, you’re missing the boat. Not only may XBox be the only worthwhile thing Microsoft has going (if you want to include Office in that, you need to get up on iWork, but that’s another story), XBox Live is easily the only “virtual world” that’s worth anything.

So check it: Major League Gaming (MLG) is an online gaming community. Go see them at and figure it out for yourself. They run the XBox Pro Circuit, which hit 5 North American cities this year.

If you haven’t been to something like this, get there now. It’s a life-changing experience on the magnitude of one’s first Coachella, Hot Import Nights, rave, B-Boy Summit. Only it’s more than these things: It’s now.

Gaming Fans

What I mean is that for most of us, the concept of pro gaming is foreign, and exactly what appeals to the 5-10,000 kids who show up over an MLG weekend is hard to grasp. First, there’s no alcohol, and very few girls. No cars, not much music. It’s basically a trade show for geeks, except without even a bunch of cool new gadgets to check out.

What’s there is gaming. Serious, hardcore gaming. Probably the best Halo3 players in the world. The masses come to watch, cheer, and challenge their favorite teams. They come to drink free Dr Pepper (a primary sponsor), and to be part of a community.

If marketing to teens is part of your job, you need to be messing with these guys. Or better yet, let us hook you up.