On the surface, Rebel Industries is a grassroots marketing agency. Some of the buzzwords associated with the services we provide include guerilla, buzz, viral, web 2.0, youth, urban and on and on. Underneath, we are a unique consortium of market-savvy, culturally-driven, connected individuals who reflect a fundamental shift in the way brands connect with consumers. Rebel develops and implements marketing programs that enable brands to contribute to — and become part of niche communities and consumer conversations.

This new way favors action over “big ideas,” listening over getting the message out.

Why? Because today consumers are in charge. They’re in charge of their own experiences, of the way they interact with brands, or choose to tune them out. The companies who accept that reality and adapt their thinking are the ones who are winning. Too many brands have been asleep at the wheel and the world has changed around them. We’ve made it our job to wake them up.

Contact us for more information or to see some examples of our work: info@rebelindustries.com